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  • Tyree Energy Technologies Building at UNSW Australia

Keynote Presentations

Professor Helen Lochhead – Resilience by Design: Can an Innovative Process Deliver More?

Scientia Professor Deo Prasad AO – Lowering the Carbon Footprint of Buildings and Cities

Mr Nils Larsson – The COP Series of Meetings, the Global Alliance for Building and Construction and Related Activities

Mr Man-Kit Leung – Design for Energy Efficient High-Rise Residential Buildings in Warm-Humid Climate

Professor Mat Santamouris – Cooling of Buildings – Past Present Future

Professor Peter Newton – Innovation for a Sustainable Low Carbon Built Environment Transition

Professor Dennis Else – Carbon Value Engineering – Making VE a Noble Pursuit!

Professor David Pitchford – UrbanGrowth NSW: Sustainable Built Environment 2016

Conference Papers

Performance Assessment in Built Environments, Session 1

31864 - Air tightness of new Australian residential buildings (Michael Ambrose)

32933 - Green features, symbolic values and rental premium: systematic review and meta-analysis (Sumin Kim)

33151 - The latest demonstrated technical innovations in Sydney CBD tall building: Case study (Lester Partridge)

33444 - Potential of upgrading federal buildings in the United Arab Emirates to reduce energy demand (Enas Alkhateeb)

33452 - Motivation and owner commitment for improving the delivery performance of green building projects: A research framework (Ayokunle Olubunmi Olanipekun)

33548 - Performance of earthquake-resistant RCC frame structures under blast explosions (Zubair Syed)

33596 - Effect of insulation ground on anti-condensation in rural residence (Huibo Qian)

33624 - Performance-based design of tall building envelopes using competing wind load and wind flow criteria (Mohamed Khallaf)

33856 - Thermal comfort-CFD maps for architectural interior design (Emanuele Naboni)

Design Innovation and Collaboration, Session 1

32053 - The effects of urban block forms on the patterns of wind and natural ventilation (Mohammad Mehdi Azizi)

32086 - Research on Optimization and Biological Characteristics of Harbin Trees Based on Thermal Comfort in Summer (Xiaolong Zhao)

33260 - Bioclimatic design approach in Dayak traditional longhouse (Janet Victoria Stia)

33476 - Optimization of an external perforated screen for improved daylighting and thermal performance of an office space (Cristian Lavin)

33635 - An evolutionary approach to single-sided ventilated façade design (Samin Marzban)

33639 - Assessing potential for reduction in carbon emissions in a multi-unit of residential development in Sydney (Mitra Panahian)

33647 - Airflow and temperature modelling of sustainable buildings at the design stage can prevent unintended consequences of passive features (Alemu Tiruneh Alemu)

33653 - Optimization of wind tower cooling performance: a wind tunnel study of indoor air movement and thermal comfort (Mahsan Sadeghi)

33684 - Multi-objective optimization and parametric analysis of energy system designs for the Albano university campus in Stockholm (Cong Wang)

40312 - Modular coordination-based generative algorithm to optimize construction waste (Saeed Banihashemia)

Smart Built Environments, Session 1

32027 - A methodological framework to assess the thermal performance of green infrastructure through airborne remote sensing (Carlos Bartesaghi Koc)

32043 - The concept of smart and NZEB buildings and the integrated design approach (Mat Santamouris)

32787 - The effect of building facades on outdoor microclimate –dependence model development using terrestrial thermography and multivariate analysis (Jonathan Fox)

33527 - Aerial survey and in-situ measurements of materials and vegetation in the urban fabric (Mat Santamouris)

33687 - Determination of optimal parameters for wind driven rain CFD simulation for building design in the tropics (Venugopalan S. G. Raghavan)

33958 - Interactive building environments: A case study university building in UAE (Mahboobeh Karima)

34011 - Smart vs. sustainable: A case study government building in Dubai, UAE (Hawra Askari)

37971 - A preliminary exploration of the barriers of sustainable refurbishment for commercial building projects in Malaysia (Md Asrul Nasid Masrom)

38181 - Development of chemical reaction kinetics of VOC ozonation (Balaji Mohan)

32584 - Using parametric modelling in form-based code (FBC) design for high-dense cities (Yingyi Zhang)

Performance Assessment in Built Environments, Session 2 - Integrated Sustainability Assessment

33236 - Towards an integrated approach for evaluating both the life cycle environmental and financial performance of a building: A review (Monique Fouche)

33326 - The impact of different insulation options on the life cycle energy demands of a hypothetical residential building (Toktam Bashirzadeh Tabrizi)

33573 - Integrated sustainability assessment and renewal of old industrial areas: A case study on Changzhou (Jianqiang Yang)

33583 - Developing key sustainability indicators for assessing green infrastructure performance (Parisa Pakzad)

33611 - Towards an automated approach for compiling hybrid life cycle inventories (Robert H Crawford)

33621 - Cost-benefit prediction of green buildings: SWOT analysis of research methods and recent applications (Maryam Khoshbakht)

33630 - Replacement scenarios for construction materials based on economy-wide hybrid LCA (Soo Huey Teh)

33648 - 4D BIM for environmental planning and management (Julie R Jupp)

33910 - An investigation of corporate approaches to sustainability in the construction industry (Fatima Afzal)

34621 - The carbon footprint of Australia’s construction sector (Man Yu)

Sustainability Policy and Governance

32203 - Fully exploring traditional Chinese culture and promoting organic development of green city (Wei Xiao)

32733 - Carbon reduction programs and lower income households in Australian cities (Edgar Liu)

32853 - Tenants' decision to or not ro lease green & non-green buildings: A conceptual framework (Sumin Kim)

32943 - Retrofit or behaviour change? Which has the biggest impact on energy consumption in low income households? (Melissa James)

33327 - Verified climate declarations for evaluation of contractors’ design (Larissa Strömberg)

33415 - CSR and sustainability in FM: Evolving practices and integrating index (Abbas Elmualim)

33457 - Barriers and drivers of Malaysian BIPV application: Perspective of developers (Kai Chen Goh)

33636 - CFD methodology development for Singapore green mark building application (Pao-Hsiung Chiu)

33826 - Supply Chain Risk to Reward: Responsible Procurement and the Role of Ecolabels (Shaila Divakarla)

33892 - Everyday governance of domestic energy systems (Wiktoria Glad)

37206 - Analysis of Homeowners’ Behaviours in Housing Maintenance (AbdulLateef Olanrewaju)

Industry, Government and University Collaboration - Education for Sustainable Built Environments

31905 - Mapping for the future: Business intelligence tool to map regional housing stock (Jun Ma)

32582 - The effects of high-rise residential construction on sustainability of housing systems (Tayyab Ahmad)

33279 - Industry, government & academia – A relationship paradigm fit for the future of transport infrastructure assets (Mark C Smith)

33280 - Greening rail infrastructure for carbon benefits (Cielo Roldan)

33460 - If living labs are the answer – what’s the question? A review of the literature (Mike Burbridge)

33592 - Challenges in aligning the architecture profession in Indonesia for climate change and sustainability (Usha Iyer-Raniga)

33662 - Serious games for integral sustainable design: level 1 (Jules Moloney)

33675 - Field investigation on indoor thermal environment of a high-rise condominium in hot-humid climate of Bangkok, Thailand (Parinee Srisuwan)

33817 - Collaboration achieves effective waste management design at Brookfield Place Perth, Western Australia (Margaret M Gollagher)

37191 - Learning for low carbon living: The efficacy of mobile learning applications for built environment trades and professionals in Australia (Tomi Winfree)

Performance Assessment in Built Environments, Session 3

32048 - Development of a Building Performance Assessment and Design Tool for Residential Buildings in Nigeria (Tamaraukuro Amasuomo)

32176 - Evaluating the thermal performance of retrofitted lightweight green roofs and walls in Sydney and Rio de Janeiro (Sara Wilkinson)

33576 - UHI and indoor thermal condition of office buildings in Bangkok (Pattaranan Takkanon)

32606 - The Study on the Evaluation of Thermal Insulation Efficiency with Typical Plant Species of Roof Greenery in Kaohsiung (Yen-Yi Li)

33622 - Load resilience in high performance buildings (Paul Bannister)

33659 - Cost benefit analysis of simulated thermal energy improvements made to existing older South Australian houses (David M Whaley)

33685 - Evaluation on the energy consumption and thermal performance in different residential building types during mid-season in hot summer and cold-winter (Haiqiang Liu)

33739 - Admittance/Fourier series revisited: understanding periodic heat flows (Alistair B Sproul)

Design Innovation and Collaboration, Session 2

31451 - Environmental Assessment & Rating – Have we Lost the Plot? (Nigel Howard)

33307 - Co-creating urban environments to engage citizens in a low-carbon future (Aaron Davis)

33551 - Development of a regenerative design model for building retrofits (William Craft)

33589 - Effect of building roof insulation measures on indoor cooling and energy saving in rural areas in Chongqing (Jiandong Ran)

33618 - Performance and perception in prefab housing: An exploratory industry survey on sustainability and affordability (Malay Dave)

33668 - Energy-saving renovation of Bayu traditional residence—Taking Anju Town of Chongqing as the example (Ke Xiong)

38940 - Adding more by using less: Adaptive reuse of woolstores (Shabnam Yazdani Mehr)

41489 - Nanomaterials and smart nanodevices for modular dry constructions: the project “Easy House” (Armando Coppola)

Built Environment Resilience, Session 1

31315 - Are some forms of resilience more sustainable than others? (Adriana Sanchez)

31999 - Co-benefits of low carbon policies in the built environment: An investigation into the adoption of co-benefits by Australian local government (S.M. Karim)

33623 - The effect of social capital on co-production: towards community-oriented development in post-disaster recovery (Cristopher Kim)

33672 - Evidence based practice for the built environment: Can systematic reviews close the research - practice gap? (Samantha J Hall)

33711 - A Study of Urban Green Park for Low-carbon Built Environmental Design and Satoyama Ecosystem Management (Keiko Hirota)

Smart Built Environments, Session 2

31900 - Development of net zero energy settlements using advanced energy technologies (Mat Santamouris)

32051 - Data flow requirements for integrating smart buildings and a smart grid through model predictive control (Thomas M. Lawrence)

32111 - Examining the effects of transport policy on modal shift from private car to public bus (AHM Mehbub Anwar)

32758 - Innovative civic engagement and digital urban infrastructure: Lessons from 100 Smart Cities Mission in India (Sarbeswar Praharaj)

32916 - Solar town Fuchu- plan and performance (Nobuyuki Sunaga)

33554 - From the building level energy performance assessment to the national level: How are uncertainties handled in building stock models (Elias Naber)

33878 - Building classification from Lidar data for spatio-temporal assessment of 3D urban developments (Sara Shirowzhan)

33886 - Assessment of urban energy performance through integration of BIM and GIS for smart city planning (Shinji Yamamura)

Performance Assessment in Built Environments, Session 4

32208 - The new NABERS indoor environment tool - The next frontier for Australian buildings (Caroline Residovic)

32340 - Life cycle cost comparison of high NABERS performing commercial buildings (Dennis Lee)

32931 - Enabling innovation in building sustainablility: Australia's national costruction code (Brian Ashe)

33281 - Post-occupancy energy consumption of BASIX affected dwellings in the Sydney metropolitan area (Anir Kumar Upadhyay)

33422 - Modelling and analysis of post occupancy behaviour in residential buildings to inform BASIX sustainability assessments in NSW (Marini Samaratunga)

33590 - The role of post occupation evaluation in achieving high performance buildings through diagnostics (Krishna Munsami)

33651 - A post-occupancy evaluation of a modular multi-residential development in Melbourne, Australia (Jin Woo)

33663 - Indoor environment and perceptions of occupants in nursing homes: a field study (Federico Tartarini)

Design Innovation and Collaboration, Session 3

32334 - Assessment of potential energy and greenhouse gas savings in the commercial building sector by using solar energy for air-conditioning purposes (Timothy Greenaway)

32812 - Structural pattern’s granularity variation to optimize a vertical structure (Eunike Kristi Julistiono)

32928 - A preliminary study on the climate adaptive design of green rural houses in west China (Yu Liu)

33145 - Exploring the relationship between structurally defined geometrical parameters of reinforced concrete beams and the thermal comfort on indoor environment (Daniel Sang-Hoon Lee)

33221 - Recycled concrete in structural applications for sustainable construction practices in Australia (Sepani Senaratne)

33859 - The use of facade mockups in in LCA based architectural design (Emanuele Naboni )

38865 - Engineered cementitious composites for modern civil engineering structures in hot arid coastal climatic conditions (Manish Kewalramani)

Built Environment Resilience, Session 2

31962 - Thermal comfort conditions at the platforms of the Athens Metro (Mat Santamouris)

32239 - A suitable thermal stress index for the elderly in summer tropical climates (Paul Osmond)

33423 - Heat resilience in public space and its applications in healthy and low carbon cities (Ehsan Sharifi)

33432 - Spatial and activity preferences during heat stress conditions in Adelaide: towards increased adaptation capacity of the built environment (Ehsan Sharifi)

33495 - Factor analysis of built environment design and management of residential communities for enhancing the wellbeing of elderly people (Porntip Ruengtam)

33743 - Effect of spatial ambience on thermal adaptation in tropics: Case of free running shared spaces in coastal hotels of Sri Lanka (Indrika Rajapaksha)

33848 - Study passive evaporative cooling technique on the water-retaining roof brick (Rubing Han)

33914 - A comparative study on the effectiveness of passive and free cooling application methods of phase change materials for energy efficient retrofitting in residential buildings (Sayanthan Ramakrishnan)

High Performance Materials and Emerging Technologies, Session 1

32077 - Exploring the feasibility of algae building technology in NSW (Sara Wilkinson)

32155 - Relationship between sustainable technology and building age: evidence from Australia (John Dadzie)

33344 - Development of a super-insulating, aerogel-based textile wallpaper for the indoor energy retrofit of existing residential buildings (Gabriele Masera)

33430 - Mass customization with additive manufacturing: New perspectives for multi performative building component in architecture (Ingrid Paoletti)

33632 - Prefabrication as large-scale efficient strategy for the energy retrofit of the housing stock: an Italian case study (Gabriele Masera)

33755 - Thermal energy storage enhancement of lightweight cement mortars with the application of phase change materials (Sayanthan Mr Ramakrishnan)

35480 - Energy performance optimization as a generative design tool for nearly zero energy buildings (Eleftheria Touloupaki)

35836 - The possibilities of modification of crop-based insulation materials applicable in civil engineering in low-energy and passive houses (Jitka Hroudova)

Performance Assessment in Built Environments, Session 5

32200 - Green Darning City, Taking the tenth China (Wuhan) international garden EXPO Design as examples (Wei Xiao)

33566 - Influence of rainfall on the thermal and energy performance of a low rise building in diverse locations of the hot humid tropics (Claudio Aurelio Diaz)

33570 - A technique for quantifying solar radiation and radiation from landscape elements in a residential environment (Jane Loveday)

33726 - Towards zero carbon in a hot and humid subtropical climate (Margaret Kam)

33912 - Simulation study of urban residential development and urban climate change in Xi’an, China (Yupeng Wang)

34297 - How can a multi-scale analysis guide smart urban energy demand management? An example from London City Westminster Borough (Marina Neophytou)

34298 - The pollutant removal capacity of an urban street canyon and its link to the breathability and exchange velocity (Marina Neophytou)

32509 - The Objective and Methodology of Urban Climate Map for the City of Xiamen (Shuyu Liu)

Design Innovation and Collaboration, Session 4

32557 - Including stakeholder intent in precinct information models (David Marchant)

32598 - BIM-based iterative tool for sustainable building design: a conceptual framework (Tayyab Ahmad)

32600 - An expert system for firefighting guidelines in supertall buildings (W.K. Chow)

33494 - Casual Model of BIM Adoption in Thai Architectural and Engineering Design Industry (Grit Ngowtanasuwan)

33456 - The proliferation of ICT and digital technologie systems and their influence on the dynamic capabilities of construction firms (James Redwood)

33916 - Modelling framework for sustainable co-management of multipurpose exhibition systems: the “Fiera del Levante” case (Giuseppina Uva)

37977 - Proposal for an open data model schema for precinct-scale information management (Jim Plume)

Built Environment Resilience, Session 3

31985 - Transformation through renovation: An energy efficient retrofit of an apartment building in Athens (Mat Santamouris)

33346 - Assessment of building typology and construction method of traditional longhouse (Siti Akhtar Mahayuddi)

33496 - Resilience of historic built environments: inherent qualities and potential strategies (Fabio Fatiguso)

33677 - Development of a tool for assessing commercial building resilience (Steve Burroughs)

33688 - Christchurch's high performance rebuild (Jason E Bretherton)

33689 - Identification of technological and installation-related parameters for a multi-criteria approach to building retrofit (Gabriele Masera)

33872 - Temperate climates, warmer houses and built fabric challenges (Mark Dewsbury)

High Performance Materials and Emerging Technologies, Session 2

33419 - Effect of thermal conductivity of lightweight cement composite on heat transfer through panels exposed to a sun simulator (Yunpeng Wu)

33540 - Relationship model of the moment capacity of GFRP sheet strengthened RC beams to the duration of sea water exposure (Rudy Djamaluddin)

33578 - Compressed Stabilized Earth Blocks Using Iron Mine Spoil Waste - An Explorative Study (Nagaraj HB)

33693 - Upgraded mineral sand fraction from municipal solid waste incineration (MSWI) bottom ash: an alternative solution for the substitution of natural aggregates in concrete applications (Jacques Remy Minane)

33722 - Optimal driving pattern of on-road construction equipment for emissions reduction (Khalegh Barati)

35834 - The improvement of the pozzolanic properties of recycled glass during the production of blended Portland cements (Karel Dvorak)

36616 - A scanner technology acceptance model for construction projects (Samad Sepasgozar)

Keynote Papers

Professor Peter Newton

Professor Helen Lochhead (to be uploaded)